How to Market Your Book

Learn ten essential steps for marketing your new book to your audience.

In this video lesson learn ten essential steps for marketing your book on Amazon and to your audience. Get your book moving with these easy to implement book marketing steps. 

Tips include making images of the book cover. Use your book images on the popular social media sites, FaceBook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram and YouTube. Updating your different bios to include your book. Making selfie pictures or have a photographer take bio pictures of you with your book. Hold your book up, be proud. Add your book title, and a link to your Amazon sales page, to your email signature line. If you have a list or newsletter or any regular mailing, let people know your book is coming or it is available. Make a YouTube book trailer video, use your smart phone, super easy. Add a picture of your book to your business card, or at least put the name of it on your card. Contacting your local newspaper or other press organizations about your book. Maybe a trade publication for an industry group you are in. Set up your Amazon Author Central page, connect your blog.Includes a pdf handout of the video

Intended Audience: authors, writers, self publishing, book, kindle, createspace

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